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Brightside Media is a visual communications company based in Brighton, East Sussex.


With over 15 years of experience in advertising & film production, we are uniquely able to help our clients develop how they communicate with their customers.






We combine the commercial sensibility of the advertising industry with the artistic sensibility of the film world.


From consultation and strategy to promotional film production, photography and web design, our services will maximise your company's visual impact and engage your customers in innovative ways.


We also produce documentary films and editorial web content.

Creative Concept Development:




Visual identity.


Corporate identity.


Media-neutral concept development.


Market research.


Marketing strategy.


Storyboarding, scripting & mock-ups.


Presentation & visualisation.


Marketing strategy.


Planning & execution.


Copywriting & Advertising:


TV, Online & Print advertising.




Social media.


Content marketing.




Brochures, literature & long-copy.


International copywriting in German &

French to native standard.


International adaptation & translation to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Chinese & Japanese.

Full-service digital film production using:


Super 35mm cinema cameras (Sony FS100/FS700, Canon C100)

Canon DSLR


Editing (Adobe Premiere).


Sound mixing.

Post Production (Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve).


Digital and 35mm film photography.


Documentary film.


Web content.


Corporate film.




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